Monday, October 06, 2008

Weekend Carnage Report

Frankly, a weekend where several Top 10 teams don't lose leaves me feeling a bit unsatisfied. Last weekend, the bloodlust meter was satiated beyond belief, but this Monday, something's missing... namely a Top 10 team to mock and chide for shatting all over the bed. The weekend ahead gives us hope, and a hunger. For sweet tasty upset blood. As for the weekend that was...

The Good
  • The Big 12. These guys are good. Oklahoma, Texas, Texas Tech, and Missouri are 4 fine football teams who simply go out and win. Don't miss the Red River Shootout next weekend. It's gonna be a doozy.
  • USC. Proving again that losses of the puzzling variety are the anomaly and not the norm in SoCal. Carrol and company came out and laid the wood to a depleted Oregon team and staked their early claim to a one-loss championship game berth.
  • Notre Dame. Finally got the passing game going. Clausen cuts his hair, Irish win two straight. Coincidence? I don't think so.
  • Syracuse didn't lose this weekend! They had an off week... and beat the hell out of it.

The Bad
  • Wins without style points. Vandy, Kansas, Utah, Alabama, and to a lesser extent Ohio State. OSU and Vandy get passes simply because of playing fellow Top 25 teams, but the others were expected to win and win big.
  • UConn's special teams was absolutely horrendous in their loss to North Carolina. Tar Heel Bruce Carter blocked three punts... by himself. I'm no football coach, but putting a body or two on him may have been the right course of action.

The Ugly
  • It was good while it lasted, South Florida. I admire the progress you've made as a program, admire the passion that Jim Leavitt coaches with, I admire the fact that you're competing against FSU, Miami, and Florida for recruits and getting it done. I do not admire a loss to Pitt on national tv. That loss may have saved the Wannstache, and for that, there is no excuse.
  • Fresno State. Take your place back in the mid-major pack. An overtime loss against Hawaii is nothing to be extremely upset about, but it does render any sort of BCS busting from Fresno impossible.
  • Maryland. This Terps team continues to confuse everyone. Wins against Cal and Clemson, losses against MTSU and Virginia. Ralph Friedgen's extra large seat is extra hot.

Helmet Stickers:
From RV:
  • Notre Dame's Passing Attack: Everyone gets a non-existent sticker here. The OLine had another great game, the WRs are playing amazing and Jimmy has full command of the offense.
  • Juice Williams: Just for the fact that you embarrassed Rich Rodriguez. Wonder if he realizes that no one in the NFL is going to want to try the spread offense? Take that back...maybe Al Davis.
  • Smart Schools: Northwestern, Duke, ND, Stanford, Vanderbilt, etc. all are performing like real student-athletes. Well done
From Alan:
  • Glen Coffee, RB, Alabama: 25 carries, 218 yds, TD in a win over Kentucky
  • LeSean McCoy, RB, Pittsburgh: 28 carries, 142 yds, 2 TDs in Pitt's Thursday night upset special over #10 South Florida.
  • Chris Crane, QB, Boston College: 34-51, 428 yards, 5 total TDs in their win over NC State.

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