Friday, October 03, 2008

Cardinal Roundtable: Toledo

In an effort to rally the troops of the blogosphere who share their affinity for the Ball State University Cardinals, OTP is proud to present the next installment of the Cardinal Roundtable. Each week, a different BSU blog will pose questions to the group about the upcoming game and the season in general. Brandon at BallUNation is up this week, and the links to our Blog Buddy counterparts can be found at the bottom. Go Cards!

**The usual wit from Alan will be absent this week. Something about being too good for Cardinal Nation (eh? not quite yet...). In the meantime, I've set aside some time from the outside world to get down for the cause. Enjoy** ~RV

1. One of the biggest questions going into the Kent State game was how Ball State would be able to replace Dante Love. How well do you think Ball State was able to replace him?

Dante Love isn't replaceable, but you knew that. I believe the offense will be successful by relying on their other talented options, MiQuale Lewis and Darius Hill. Not to mention the bevy of receivers who will be in Love's crosshairs throughout the game. It's not so much that he needs to be replaced, it's that the rest of the offense needs to shoulder the game-breaking ability that left with him.

2. One of the weak spots in this year has been the run defense. How much do you think this will hurt Ball State as the season progresses?

The best way to combat the lack of a capable rush defense is to keep putting points on the board. If Ball State can keep Opelt's arm moving, they can continue to let their young playmakers do what they do best. Putting up points early on in the game will eliminate the ability to attack the Cardinals' biggest flaw.

3. Brady Hoke is starting to get mentioned for other jobs, assuming he leaves, who would you like to see replace him?

I'd love to see Tyrone Willingham get the job. What better way to get media attention than hiring someone who's proved he can get hired despite being himself. When Ty gets fired from Washington, whoever hires him will get two straight years of free ESPN attention...and the attention of all Notre Dame and Washington fans. And yes, you get a ridiculous answer for asking a ridiculous question.

4. If you could save one Toledo player and make him a Cardinal, who would it be and why?

Stephen Williams. He's a proven commodity, and is off to another good start this year. Granted, he isn't in the same mold as Dante, but the A.L. period might just be a little different for the Cardinals. Plus, if he was a Cardinal, he wouldn't be lining up across the field all game.

5. One of the biggest playmakers for Ball State was supposed to be Darius Hill, but he has been all but invisible in all but the Northeastern game. What do you think is the problem and is it correctable?

I sure hope it's correctable. I think it's come down to teams recognizing his importance in the offense and doing their best to keep him under wraps. If it weren't for the emergence of MiQuale, I think this team would be headed for exponentially more difficult times. Luckily, Nate and Co. haven't had to rely on Darius to be successful. I think it's about time to try and get him into a groove, 5 of the last 7 opponents are directional schools. Think about it.

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