Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Humpday Quickies

First of all, a big hand to RV who managed to be creative in my absence. 100 cocktails to you.

There won't be a Hoke-O-Meter or Wildcat Wrapup this week as I failed to see either game, but suffice to say that Brady Hoke is satisfied and happy at 5-0, and Rich Brooks thinks Nick Saban and his bags of money are bullshit but also is quite pleased at being undefeated, in the way that other angry old men are pleased that the neighborhood kids didn't step on his lawn this morning.

The Fighting Football Cardinals have a challenging test this weekend at Toledo and the Wildcats travel to Tuscaloosa to face the Crimson Tide. Who absolutely looked like not only a fantastic team against Georgia, but also a merciful one, letting the Dawgs think they had a shot in the second half.

As you get set for a busy week and games on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, here's the best of the interwebs to keep you occupied and thinking about the important things...

Ball State Quickies:
  • Ryan Wood from the Ball State Daily News says the Cards need better run defense. While true, I'd like for Ryan to take a deep breath and realize that BSU is 5-0. It took them 3 years to win 5 games when I was there.
  • More chatter amongst the Syracuse fans that Brady Hoke will be pursued. More chatter about how much he sucks. Syracuse fans are beginning to look like a dumpster fire, and quite frankly, I think its funny. Hoke may not have an impressive resume, but he's won 5 times as many games as Greg Robinson this year.
  • Brandon over at Ball U Nation does a nice little recap on the win against Kent, if looking back is your thing. Or you know, you spent all weekend moving.
  • Scott at the Insider site for BSU has a nice little write up on the ESPNU lovefest of the MAC and the Cards. You can check it out, as well as a video of Mike Gottfried hyah!!
  • A fund has been established to help out Dante Love in his rehab efforts. If you can give, give. Love was a fantastic Cardinal, and an even more fantastic human being. #86 in your programs, #1 in your hearts.
Kentucky Quickies:
  • A Sea of Blue gives a great analysis of the pending game against Bama. Incidentally, if you don't read ASoB you're missing out. Fantastic analysis and great writing. It's what the blogosphere was created for.
  • Fabulous write up from the KSR guys about what it's going to take for the Wildcats to upset the Crimson Tide. hahahaha... Crimson Tide. You know... like... period.
  • John Clay from the LHL gives a nice little recap of Coach Brooks' press conference luncheon. Mmmm... luncheon.
  • Injuries continue to haunt the Cats. Should stigmata start to show up, I'm outtie.
  • The new SEC Power Poll at Garnet and Black Attack has the Cats at #8. A bit low if you ask me (which you didn't).
Everyone Else Quickies:
  • Joel at Rocky Top Talk compares QB Jonathan Crompton to the feldgling market. Bailouts for everyone!
  • The BlogPoll for this week is out at MGoBlog and still no Ball State or Kentucky. For shame.
  • Blue Gray Sky breaks down the Domers win against Purdue.
  • Fantastic stuff from The Wiz of Odds about which conference is more dominant over the last 10 years.
  • Tony Barnhart blasts off on why there isn't, and shouldn't be, a playoff system in college football.

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