Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hold Everything...

According to Greg Fallon at The Star Press in Muncie, both athletic director Tom Collins and offensive coordinator Stan Parrish have outright denied the report from ESPN that Parrish has been offered the job at all. Radio reports from central Indiana indicate Parrish is on the shortlist, but nothing has been set or signed.

One thing Parrish did confirm was that he has an open offer from Brady Hoke to join his staff at San Diego State. Not surprising in the least, but still a bit unsettling. This is a critical time for Ball State to go after coaches if they're going to go outside the program. In addition, recruits are watching with what one can assume to be bated breath to see who is actually driving the Cardinal bandwagon come the GMAC Bowl and beyond. If they don't hire Parrish, which in my opinion they should, they need to hire whomever is going to captain this ship expeditiously.

This wouldn't be the first time ESPN has broken a story a bit prematurely, what with the Les Miles to Michigan fiasco last year, but they were right, and first, that Brady would be leaving. So in recap... we know nothing and the shitshow that is CoachSearch08 begins again anew. Fabulous.

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