Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Humpday Quickies

All's quiet on the football front unless you live in Muncie, IN or Auburn, AL and your administration essentially just slipped a pinky finger fist in your backdoor when no one was looking. But at least Auburn has a coach... however craptastic he may be. I am optimistic that Ball State will be able to say the same in the next 48 hours. Off we go...

Ball State Quickies
Kentucky Quickies
  • Like him or not, the success of this Kentucky team rests with Mike Hartline, who will be the starting QB for the Liberty Bowl.
  • Nice little read about the recruits who have signed or who are still on the radar for the Kentucky staff, most recently, Dakatoh Tyler of Pike High School in Indianapolis.
  • Bell County kicker Ryan Merrick was not offered a scholarship and is disappointed.
  • Incoming Kentucky QB Morgan Newton, he of Carmel High School Greyhound fame, was named Indiana's Mr. Football.
  • Trevard Lindley was named a third-team All-American by Phil Steele's College Football. Fantastic news for Lindley and the program.
  • Interesting perspective from Braxton Kelley about the Liberty Bowl.
Everyone Else Quickies
  • Syracuse has moved quickly and bypassed Turner Gill, Brady Hoke, and Skip Holtz for the Man-O-Awesome known as Doug Marrone, or the soon to be known as "Former Syracuse Coach". GetGrossOut, how do you feel? The answer... not pleased.
  • Oklahoma stud DeMarco Murray will not be running roughshod over anyone in the BCS Title game, as he's out with a hamstring injury. Sort of ironic that Florida, who has been decimated by stupid ligaments and little pieces of flesh all year gets sweet tasty justice in the biggest game of the season.
  • In more BCS Title news, Florida Blog Saurian Sagacity points out that Troy Smith won one of those little statues too and that didn't seem to matter much.
  • In totally unbelievable news, more stories are surfacing about Auburn and their assistants who were canned while on recruiting trips. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall in a living room when they got their calls.
  • Iowa blog Black Heart Gold Pants offers some advice to Iowa State as to who they should hire. We can only hope BSU AD Tom Collins has sought out their services.
  • Dan Hawkins suggests a new mantra for 2009... Ten Wins. No Excuses. I have a better one... 13 wins. 24 losses. Which is The Hawk's career record at CU.
  • In The ACC Can Actually Sell Tickets department, North Carolina has sold its allotted 22,000 for its Car Care Bowl appearance against West Virginia. This was an actual increase from the original 12,500 allotted. No word if fans realize its a football game and not a basketball game.
  • Joe Paterno just signed for three more years. Over/under not if he finishes, but how soon he keels over on the sideline.

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Anonymous said...

You do realize that UNC is selling all those bowl tickets in fucking *Charlotte*, right?

Color me impressed when the baby-blue clad hordes actually cross a state line to go see their football team play.