Friday, January 09, 2009

Bowl Pickin'

To spread some love amongst the blogosphere this Holiday Bowl Season, OTP participated in several Bowl Pick 'Ems spread across all sorts of formats. Some were with fellow BSU fans, others were hosted by sites or people we respect immensely in the blog scene. Here's how we fared:

Pool: Rocky Top Talk's
Hosted by: Rocky Top Talk, a fantastic Tennessee site that was one of the first sites on the net to link to us. Joel and crew do a fantastic job on all things blog related, and the team over there are some of the only UT fans we can stomach.
Record: 17-17
Results: 10th out of 47
Thoughts: Lost a 30-pointer on Bama and a 34-pointer on CMU, 25 and 26 on BYU and Troy respecitvely. Serves us right for picking our conference brethren and other mid-majors. RTT used and I like the layout quite a bit.

Hosted by: Uh...
Record: 17-17
Results: 3rd out of 21
Thoughts: Same story as above. And we picked against Kentucky, which means something terrbile karmicly I'm sure.

Pool: Ja'Larry Bird's Disciples
Hosted by: Clay Travis, who if you're not reading on a semi-regular basis you are missing out on something. Go now.
Record: 20-14
Results: 58 out of 236
Thoughts: The largest pool we were in. Between Ball State, Troy, Texas Tech, and CMU, we lost 118 points. Thanks, BSU.

Pool: BHGP Championship
Hosted by: BlackHeartGoldPants, one of the funniest college football blogs on the net.
Record: 21-13
Results: 3rd out of 76
Thoughts: Texas Tech, Cincinnati, and Bama all screwed us in this one. This is one we were actually ahead in with 3 games to go.

So two bronze medals for us here at OTP. Huzzah!

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