Monday, January 12, 2009

Jason Whitlock... NFL Advice Giver... Huge Douche

For those that don't know him, allow me to introduce you to one Jason Whitlock.

You see, Whitlock is a notable Ball State alum, so that makes him relevant in and of itself to this blog. Also of note is that Whitlock played football for the Cardinals as an offensive lineman, which makes him especially notable. He also did a Q&A for OverThePylon, viewable here.

Whitlock is widely known for his journalism endeavors, as he is a columnist for the Kansas City Star and, and was fired from ESPN. His bio states, "Jason Whitlock, columnist for the Kansas City Star and, is widely considered the most provocative, thought-provoking and entertaining sports columnist working today. The September 2007 issue of Vibe Magazine tabbed Whitlock as “one of 40 people who will change the world.” Presidential candidate Barack Obama was also on the list." Apparently what was left out of that bio was NFL talent scout and Alma Mater fire-starter, two bullets that should be on everyone's resume.

The clear and indisputable proof that JW feels he is ready for his next foray into talent advising? Today's NFL column, in which he offers this nugget of wisdom...
3. I have the perfect solution for Carolina's Jake Delhomme problem: Nate Davis.

Don't believe the hype. The fumbles and losses in Ball State's last two games did not reveal a quarterback unprepared for primetime. They revealed an offensive coordinator-turned-head coach who spent the postseason attacking Davis' confidence in a desperate attempt to keep the star QB in school for one more season.

I've witnessed some bush moves in my time covering college athletics, but I'm not sure anything matches the amateur hour orchestrated by the university-employed adults allegedly looking out for Davis' best interest. For now, I won't share the gory details.

But I can assure you, when Davis is surrounded by a coaching staff feeding him positive energy and a single-minded message about the next opponent, the kid is special and plays with a natural charisma.

Put him in the right situation, and he'll prove to be the best QB in this draft (or next year's if he comes back for his senior season). He'd be a perfect fit in Carolina.
Really? Really?!?

So Stan Parrish was the reason that Nate didn't deliver? They weren't positive enough for him? And Whitlock thinks this is going to be different in the NFL? Jesus... I sure hope Nate gets drafted by a GM and coach who bring him milk and cookies before every practice and brush his flowing locks 300 times before bed each night. Whatever NFL team drafts him best have a slew of little ponies to give him for Christmas. And God help the team that doesn't do Nate Davis Appreciation Day. Sure, it sounds crazy, but if Whitlock is to be believed, and you don't tell Nate what a special boy he is, you're totally and without question, fucked.

In response to this heaping pile of shit, Whitlock has stated on that the reason Nate played so poorly was because Collins and Parrish brought him to a suite at a Pacers game and told him he was not ready for the NFL. Newsflash... he isn't. I would say that his heaping helping of sauteed failure in the last two games made us all keenly aware of that fact, including anyone with any say in who NFL teams draft. But, who knows... maybe they haven't been really keeping up on any of that stuff.

To be fair, it isn't the fact that Whitlock voiced his opinion on the Nate Davis matter... as most extreme fans of the program will find Whitlock blasting off about various things Cardinal related on the aforementioned BSUFans, a BSU fan site. To Whitlock's credit, he posts using his real name, and doesn't sugarcoat his opinions or beliefs regarding Ball State University. Latest on his axe grinder were President Gora and Tom Collins, BSU AD. Whitlock ranted and raved for weeks about their inability to commit resources and build a winner out of the football program, their alleged poor treatment of then head coach Brady Hoke, and their general buffoonery and incompetence as D1 administrators. Whitlock defended his actions on the site by saying he was simply conversing amongst like-minded fans and that a BSU messageboard was precisely the place to do it.

I don't disagree with Whitlock's sentiments about Gora and Collins, but I have to ask why he would think that his national column is the right place to take more cheap shots at the current head coach. Last time I checked, it wasn't Stan Parrish making Davis fumble away the GMAC Bowl or the MAC Championship Game. And not to burst Whitlock's carefully crafted conspiracy theory, but Brady Hoke was the head coach in Detroit when the Cards took it in the shorts against Buffalo. Guess Hoke forgot to bring Nate's tomato soup and grilled cheese with the crusts cut off.

I am a Nate Davis fan, as are RV and Edge. Do I think Davis will be an unbelievable QB in the NFL? I absolutely do. Do I think Davis is ready for the rigors of the NFL after this season? I absolutely do not. Davis was not solely responsible for the losses against Buffalo or Tulsa, but he sure as hell didn't make a win easy. Fumble after fumble, unable to stop the bleeding, and looking like just another MAC QB instead of the All-Conference stud we thought him to be. And if Whitlock is correct, which I sure hope he isn't, all this means is that Davis is a streaky QB that's a borderline headcase. Ryan Leaf... you suddenly just became relevant again.

If Nate's alleged delicate sensibilities are the reason why he couldn't hang on to the football in Detroit and Mobile, then that only cements the stay or go argument further in the stay camp. The NFL is a cruel beast. A savage dirty whoresport ready to toss you out on the street the moment you fall out of favor with management, the fans, the league, or any other stakeholder. It is not a place for delicate egos. It is not a place for average players. It is a place for winners. It is a place for thickskinned super athletes capable of taking a beating in the press and fanbase. Success is totally contingent on it. It is the difference between the Eli Mannings and the Tim Couchs.

Whitlock is a columnist. His job is to generate controversy and discussion. That breeds readership, and Lord knows as the print journalism business dries up they'll take it where they can get it. But spouting off this sort of trite accusatory bullshit is doing nothing but hurting the program. It makes the University look like ridiculous bumbling fools. And all this from someone who calls themselves "a fan". Really? What happens when Whitlock encounters a program he doesn't like? What does that look like? Because I honestly cannot see what there could possibly be worse than airing a large quantity of rumor-riffic unfounded bullshit for parents, fans, alumni, and recruits to see. My only hope is that they, much like I do, just take it for what it is... another angry column from Whitlock that makes you shake your head and wonder what happened to him.


Anonymous said...

Well--It's just another "CHEESEBURGER" ARTICLE-He's just like Sid "The Entertainer". He's got game just ask him.

Luke said...

whitlock is a joke. if this came from someone even remotely credible, i'd be concerned or worried.

Anonymous said...

I wish Whitlock would just root for a different team.

Anonymous said...

he always has so much inside knowledge about said situations, but then wont elaborate on it. he makes the excuse we won't understand, so that means that everything i've been studying in sport administration the past 3 years is worthless and i just wasted my money.

Jordan said...

"Whitlock Snackgasm" , thats funny shit.

Papa Lou BSU said...

"he always has so much inside knowledge about said situations, but then wont elaborate on it."

That's because most of his "inside knowledge" comes second or third-hand, or solely from people whose agenda meshes with his, or is made up entirely. He knows it'd look ridiculous if he tried to justify where half the stuff is coming from, so he doesn't even try. Notice how he's completely run away from any and all challenges to the facts of his posts on

This whole thing has absolutely nothing to do with BSU football and absolutely everything with Whitlock trying to take revenge for his massive ego being bruised.