Monday, February 16, 2009

Davis, Brewster Ready for NFL Audition

Two Cardinals have been officially invited to participate in the NFL Draft Scouting Combine which begins Saturday at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. QB Nate Davis and OL Robert Brewster will showcase their skills this weekend at the annual job fair for prospective new NFL players. For six days at Lucas Oil Stadium, players are put through a series of drills, tests and interviews with more than 600 NFL personnel including head coaches, general managers and scouts.

While Davis and Brewster are not surprises, the lack of Darius Hill and Chris Miller do come as a bit of a surprise. Hill didn't have his best year, and the highly potent Cardinal offense took away much of the need for an All-American punter, but both players have the skills and talent to play on Sunday. If neither get picked up in the draft, you can bet there will be a bevy of teams vying to sign them to free agent deals. The same can most likely be said for Brewster, who will certainly get a shot with someone if he isn't drafted in one of the later rounds.

As for Nate Davis, he ranges in draft stock depending on who you ask. has Davis being selected in the 2nd round, 59th overall, by the Carolina Panthers. Sporting News has Davis as the 4th ranked QB in the draft, and ESPN has Davis also ranked 4th. Neither publication has him as a first round selection, and both have three QBs being selected ahead of him (Matt Stafford of Georgia, Mark Sanchez of USC, and Josh Freeman of Kansas State).

The fact remains, much like we said when he declared, that this coming weekend will be the most important one in his young life. A strong combine and Davis can cut the distance between himself and Freeman for QB3 in this particular draft class. A weak combine and Davis may see himself sliding down into the 4th round or lower. It is go time, 13, and now is the time to shine.

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