Monday, February 16, 2009

That Didn't Take Long

After the mass exodus from Muncie that followed coach Brady Hoke's departure, it was thought the staff was falling into place nicely for new head man Stan Parrish. He quietly went about building a staff that was long on talent and experience, and with the hiring of Daryl Dixon last week, it looked like the 09 staff was complete. That is until word broke out of Muncie on Thursday morning that newly hired Pat Perles was moving on after only a couple weeks on the job for a positional coaching assignment with the Kansas City Chiefs.

This says nothing about Perles personally or professionally, and outsiders shouldn't make too much of this as an indictment of Parrish, the school, the community, or the program. The bottom line is that this is strictly a dollars and cents kind of move, as NFL position coaches make significantly more than MAC position coaches. Sad, but cash rules everything around me. Get the money. Dollar dollar bills, y'all.

Wu-Tang wisdom aside, I can still selfishly detest this move for Perles, especially given our lack of experience on the offensive line. Now the scramble begins again anew for a coach to take over the most important area of the offense for the 09 Cardinals. Clock's ticking, Stan.

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