Wednesday, February 04, 2009

National Signing Day Open Thread

In this particular thread, we'll be posting the LOIs that are officially announced by UK and Ball State. As well as posting some other various commentary through the day. Feel free to comment at your own risk in the little comments section below. You will need to refresh this page to see the latest information.

It's almost time for the "big" announcements, starting most notably with Darren Myles at 9:45.

For The Cats:

: First LOIs roll in for the Cats. Brian Adams, LaRod King, Dakotah Tyler, and Larry Warford become the first signees, along with Mark Crawford, who is already enrolled at UK.

9:30am: Second round of LOIs roll in. This group includes signatures from Qua Huzzie, Tristian Johnson, Demetri Merritt, Ryan Mossakowski, and Morgan Newton. The two QBs are locked in.

10:45am: Third round of LOIs in for the Cats. Jordan Aumiller, Justin Bean, Mister Cobble, Terrell Mitchell, Ryan Mosby, Sam Simpson, and Ridge Wilson. In The-Ones-We-Didn't-Get category goes Darren Myles, who put his Tennessee hat on with great pride, and made me realize once again, that Volunteer Orange is probably the worst color in the universe.

12:00pm: High noon brings with it more LOIs from the Kentucky stable. Adding there names to the "Signed" category, Anthony Kendrick, Christopher Matthews, Donald Russell, Jarvis Walker, Myron Walker, Patrick Ligon, and Martevius Neloms. That brings the total so far to 24. Additionally, the Cats have lost out in the Demond Dennis lottery, as the RB gave his LOI to New Mexico.

12:30pm: Kevin Mitchell, he of 6'7" 280lb fame, has sent his LOI to the Wildcats. That's commitment #25. Still waiting for Dante Rumph and Josh Morgan, and we're still holding out hope for Dequin Evans.

4:00pm: The Cats get LOIs from Donta Rumph and Jonathon George. They also land a TITANIC LOI from Dequin Evans. Evans is a steal, chose the Cats over Louisville, and was a coin flip as of this morning if not a UofL lean. Welcome home, fellas. That brings us to 27 signees and one we're still waiting on (Josh Morgan).

For the Cardinals:

9:30am: There's a real lack of information coming out about the BSU class. Will update whenever news hits, though.

3:30pm: Received the official announcement and will do a recap post later today or early tomorrow. No lost verbals, as well as some new ones.


BDL said...

Not gonna lie, at first glance, LOI looked like LOL, and then my brain read LOLCats. Hilarity ensued.

So, can we refer to UK's recruits as LOIcats?

Alan said...

Perhaps each will have their own LOLCat as a part of the offseason. You just never know what we have up our sleeves here.

Edge said...

seems BSU did lose a verbal. Alex Andrus, CB

Alan said...

Andrus is expected to grayshirt, so he wouldn't be on the list.

Anonymous said...

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