Wednesday, February 04, 2009

National Signing Day Is Here!

It's 8:30am on National Signing Day, the special day on the calendar when grown men pin their hopes and dreams for their football team on the signatures of a group of teenagers who may or may not pan out the way everyone expects them to. It's exciting by nature, as it's sort of the NFL Draft for college, but with Ball State and Kentucky, today comes with some measured trepidation.

For the Cardinals, it's a matter of whether or not each of the players who have verballed to the Cards actually follows through with their letter of intent. The class itself is being heralded as one of the best in recent memory (if not the best) but that could certainly change as the day progresses and signatures don't trickle in the way they are expected to. A coaching change usually produces a few defections, but as of now, no one appears imminently ready to give their Letter of Intent (LOI) to another program.

The Wildcats and their fans are nervous for a different reason. Most of UK's commitments are solidly in the bag, but there are eyes on several key prospects. Three in particular, as Kentucky has a chance to land DB Darren Myles. The Atlanta, GA prospect is considering Alabama, Tennessee, LSU, and the Cats. Myles would be a standout prospect, and another 4-star player added to an already strong defense. The Cats are also waiting for DE DeQuin Evans. Evans, a JUCO from California is choosing between Louisville and Kentucky. The difference? Surprisingly enough, academics. Evans has the possibility of enrolling at Louisville in the spring, and beginning workouts and classes, an option not available to him because of transfer differences at UK. Evans would shore up a defensive line in need of shoring up, and this would be a nice get for the Cats. DT Darius McMullin is choosing today between Vandy and UK, and the 3-star is more of the same as Evans, as the Cats could use some depth on the D-line.

Most interesting for the Wildcats is RB Justin Green. Green, a RB from Male High School in Louisville, had previously given his verbal to Ohio State. Kentucky stayed in the game, and was considered a possibility for a National Signing Day surprise, but it appears from various recruiting websites that Green gave his verbal last night to Illinois. Surprising, but not shocking. And it isn't over till the fat lady sings. Or signs. Or whatever the appropriate analogy is.

Regardless of the outcome or signatures of two or three in this class, both schools are looking at one of, it not the, best class their football program has signed.

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