Tuesday, March 31, 2009

OTP Rocks the Interwebs

When Al Gore invented this place, I'm sure he had no idea about the sheer amount of wondrous things to find. Mixed amongst the social networking, news sites, and free porn, pops up the latest way to collectively cyber stalk or offer an opinion... Twitter.

Twitter has been all the rage recently, as NBA players are Tweeting from the locker room, Mark Cuban is douching up the web, and Pete Carrol is launching a public outcry to get Will Farrel on it. Suffice to say, that Twitter is not the newest, but is perhaps the hottest, thing to come about in a while.

So with that, dear readers and football aficionados, you too can sit back and tell your friends exactly what OTP is doing by following our Twitter page. You can Twitter us (is that what it's even called?) at http://www.twitter.com/overthepylon.

This is RV's baby, so play nice, add him, friend him, or whatever the hell you do for Twitter.

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