Monday, April 27, 2009

Darius Hill Update

We, along with numerous mainstream media outlets, reported on Monday that former Cardinal Tight End Darius Hill was headed to the Giants. That report, as it turns out, is kind of false, and the many layers of Hill's potential journey to the NFL was reported by Muncie Star Press Ball State beat writer Doug Zaleski.

Z reports via his blog this evening:

The 6-foot-6 tight end will make his first attempt at getting into the NFL with the Cincinnati Bengals.

Hill’s agent, Storm Kirschenbaum, told me today that at least five NFL teams have interest in signing Hill. The strategy is to have Hill attend the Bengals’ rookie mini-camp this week and sign with them if they offer him a free-agent deal.

If that doesn’t happen, Hill will attend the rookie camp of the New York Giants from May 7-10. But clearly his interest is with the Bengals.

“All of Cincinnati’s tight ends are blocking tight ends,” Kirschenbaum said. “They drafted Chase Coffman and plan to use him as a blocking tight end. If (Hill) goes to Cincinnati and gets a contract, he won’t go to the Giants’ camp.”

Hill’s strength as a tight end is as a pass-catcher, which he showed throughout his career with the Cardinals. If neither the Bengals nor the Giants sign Hill, he has generated interest from the Browns, Jaguars and Panthers, according to his agent.

So we were sort of half right, which amounts to basically all wrong, but we did have the team right in the Giants, which is more than some can say. Here's hoping that big 88's workouts go exceptionally well and he ends up wherever they will get the most production out of him, whether it be Cincy, New York, or some yet to be named NFL team.


Chris B said...

Aren't your readers the best at determining if you are right or wrong? Why is this always being thrown at us -- I was Right! I was wrong. Ugh enough. In this context it comes off as petty.

Alan said...

Chris, point taken. I think the overarching theme of this was more along the lines of "We were wrong, we're sorry" with still salvaging hopefully a small portion of insight given the information was indeed good.

Thanks for reading!