Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nate Davis Makes His Way to Madden

As any NFL fan, college football fan, or even gamer in general will tell you, the summer release of Madden NFL Football is like Christmas in late summer. As evidenced by the exorbitantly high call-out sick rate the day after release, the game is eagerly anticipated the world over.

This year's game looks to be outstanding, as per usual, but the news of the day today is the release of the rookie stats and attributes for this year's draft class. For Cardinals fans, this signifies the opportunity to play as a major skill player instead of a punter, if you want to experience the Cardinals in the pros.

For those curious, here's Nate's ratings (out of 100), or at least the ratings that matter (meaning we went ahead and disregarded the kick power and run blocking...


Overall Rating: 67
Speed: 67
Acceleration: 80
Agility: 74
Strength: 60
Awareness: 36
Jumping: 78
Throw Power: 91
Throw Accuracy (Overall): 85
Throw Accuracy (Short): 87
Throw Accuracy (Medium): 82
Throw Accuracy (Deep): 62
Throw on the Run: 80
Play Action: 69
Ball Carrier Vision: 74
Juke: 73
Elusiveness: 72
Injury: 92
Stamina: 94
Toughness: 80

By comparison, Nate is Top 5 related to the other rookies in Throw Power (#5), Throw Accuracy Short (#3), Throw Accuracy Medium (#3), and Play Action (#4). So Cardinals fans can rejoice, and get ready to start your NFL Franchise with #13 at the helm on August 14th. Several long months away, but it will be here before you know it.

You can check out the rest of the Madden Rookie Ratings here.

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RV said...

I'm excited for the new madden ratings, they finally differentiated the passing accuracy. They added a bajillion animations to help with realism too, no more 0-100 immediately off the line for WRs. Nate's pretty accurate, IMO.