Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Todd McShay... Carny

If you watched any coverage at all of the NFL Draft this past weekend you noticed a fairly angry little man lobbing barbs in any and all directions. Mel Kiper, Al Davis, anyone who disagreed, all suffered the same sort of dead eyed pithily crafted come-uppance that Todd McShay delivers like no one else (read: not well).

I would assume a weekend like that, with his increased exposure across the networks, would drive some folks to the all knowing Wikipedia to see who exactly this miniature ball of hate is. Suffice to say, when they got there, they got a chuckle (emphasis added by us)...

McShay attended Swampscott High School in Swampscott, MA where he was the quarterback of the football team. He barely played in high school and was eventually benched. Collegiately, he attempted to walk-on while attending Div. I-AA University of Richmond, but was switched to defensive back and garnered little playing time. During summers, McShay worked with a traveling carnival in the Guess Your Weight booth. One evening McShay correctly guessed the weight of a man, his wife, and their three children. The man, Gary Horton, was so impressed that he offered McShay an internship at his talent evaluation company, The War Room, which produced independent scouting reports to NFL teams. Upon graduation, McShay was offered a full-time position with The War Room, which was subsequently purchased by ESPN and changed to Scouts, Inc.

Now at ESPN, McShay continues to work in talent evaluation and still moonlights as a Guess Your Weight analyst. Officially serving as the department's director of college scouting, McShay has evaluated NFL prospects since 1998.

You can check out McShay's page here, but here's the screen cap, for posterity in case it changes (click to see full size)...

Now, as Wikipedia jokes go, this one is pretty tame. There were no mentions of one of the Olsen Twins leaving his apartment, there was no suggestion that McShay was a sexual deviant of any kind, and there was no serious harm done. But in true prank fashion, it's just enough to not raise any considerable eyebrows.

Is it really that much of a stretch to think McShay actually moonlighted on the carnival circuit? Though I always thought he was more of a JoJo the Dogfaced Bitch Boy, but whatever, man.

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Anonymous said...

This would explain him being married to the Amazing YakWoman