Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Former Ball Stater Reggie Hodges Released

Former Ball State punter Reggie Hodges has been released as of this morning by the New York Jets. Interesting for not only the fact that Hodges was a Cardinal alum and an NFL journeyman since the NFL Draft in 2005, but also for the recent news that he had "negotiated" with new Jets draftee Mark Sanchez for Hodge's #6.

Since being drafted by the Rams, Hodges played in actual games for the Rams, Eagles, and Jets. He attempted to make the Colts, Seahawks, and Patriots, with no success. Hodges also spent the 2006 and 2007 season out of football. Hodges career state to date sit at 20 games played with 85 punts and a 40.2 yard average.

Hodges made a bit of news in the recent days as it was announced that he was giving up his jersey number (#6) for rookie QB and first round draft selection Mark Sanchez. Not a terribly uncommon situation, and terms of the deal were not disclosed. And all Sanchez had to do was wait a week. Shame...

Regardless, good luck to Reggie either making a roster or transitioning out of football.

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Anonymous said...

Reggie has been a collossal NFL bust. He isn't going to get picked up because frankly, he isn't worth a roster spot.