Thursday, April 02, 2009

Former Bruin Looks at Cardinals

Ball State just landed a transfer of Michigan Wolverine proportion when Artis Chambers tossed away his winged helmet for Cardinal and White, but the biggest transfer news this offseason for Muncie could be one Chris Forcier from UCLA looking at schools in the Hoosier State, notably Purdue and one Ball State University.

Brian Dohn, from Inside UCLA, broke the news to an otherwise unknowing Cardinal Nation. Forcier is not exceptionally well known anywhere outside of Muncie either, even in his own family, as little brother Tate, he of recruiting website fame, is a freshman at Michigan this upcoming season. Forcier, listed at 6'4" and 188lbs, is a speedster with sub 4.5 speed. He was the 19th ranked QB in the 07 class, and would have two years of eligibility remaining after sitting out a year for transfer.

It seems like a strange move to consider the Cardinals, given that the QB position in Muncie seems to be pretty solid for the next couple of years with Kelly Page and Aaron Mershman, but I'll gladly take a D1 athlete from a BCS school anytime I can get him. I'm sure Stan will be able to come up with ways to get him on the field, under center or otherwise, should he end up here. Stay tuned...


Brandon said...

It's really a no-lose situation for us if Forcier transfers to Ball State. If both Page and Mershman struggle this year, we have Forcier as an experienced alternative in 2010.

Bruins fans didn't think Forcier had the arm strength to stay at quarterback, if this is true then we can always move him to safety or wide receiver and he has the athleticism to make that transition successfully.

Brandon said...

Nevermind my last comment, Forcier's staying with the Bruins after all and is going to play wide receiver for them.