Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sex Depraved Nerds Unite!

For anyone who knows the OTP staff, we are unabashed gamers. Despite careers, marriages and kids (for one of us), and just being all around Asskick Joneses, we still find the time to game on a fairly regular basis, mostly centering our efforts on EA Sports' NCAA Football series. So suffice to say, we're stoked for July 14, when the newest installment drops, NCAA Football 2010.

Normally, that wouldn't warrant a post on OTP, as it's a game that comes every year, without fail, and isn't in and of itself newsworthy. Until this week. Until the latest announcement that there would be an additional contributor to the NCAA 10 version, complimenting Lou Holtz, Kirk Herbstreit, and Brad Nessler. Who, you ask? Allow me to introduce you...

Erin Andrews. Yes, that Erin Andrews.

Giggity giggity gigity.

She'll be joining the game for her first appearance in a college football video game, though if memory serves me she did do some voice work for EA's college basketball game. Oh wait... her initials are EA, too! Those clever bastards... Regardless, Erin Andrews and her two biggest assets (her reporting skills and her pleasant personality) are coming to the digital stage.

I'm not sure where the line is between excited and excitedly creepy, but I'm fairly certain that every football fan who purchases this will be flirting with it. No confirmation or guesses as to whether or not Ms. Andrews will have virtual tight pants or virtual tight sweaters, but if she looks like she does in reality, I'm pretty sure more than a couple sports fans will have virtual wood.

So, in summary, Erin Andrews is coming. (And I can now check off phrase #124 on "The List of Things to Be Able to Report by the Time I Die")


RV said...

Although there are rumors that she'll just be doing commentary, EA Sports is developing a new game mode simply titled "Yes!". Which will feature a team of your choice against the 2007 Notre Dame or 2008 Michigan squads, with each touchdown scored meaning Ms. Andrews loses an article of clothing. Let's hope this makes it into the final build.

Alan said...

If you're forced to play as those teams, she'll be wearing an Eskimo parka, waders, and three layers by the end of the first quarter.