Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Step Right Up, Play QB for the Wolverines

You there! Strapping young man! I see your basketball eligibility has expired! Come on, then, come on. Step right up, son. No more floor slapping for you! Not one more minute of insinuated homo-erotic man kissing for you! No siree! You, son, are going to make one fine NCAA QB. And where better to prove that every single person in the know who says this could never work than at Michigan! Check out our fancy helmets! They have wings!

Sure, it's been 4 years since you've played football, I know that! Yes, I know you don't have any experience at the collegiate level at quarterback! But it's like riding a bike son, you never really forget how to do it. You're a natural, I say, an absolute natural. Now step right up son, we have a spot ready.

In a fashion that would make Barnum and Bailey proud, Rich Rodriguez is apparently entertaining the thought of Greg Paulus playing QB for the Wolverines next fall. You may remember Paulus as the Duke Blue Devil basketball player slapping his way all over courts in the ACC for the last 4 years. What you may not know is that Paulus was actually a decent QB out of high school, so much so to receive a scholarship offer from Notre Dame.

Now, Paulus is nowhere near a dream sort of situation for RichRod and the Wolverines, but frankly, when your presumed starter is on crutches with a broken leg and your other option is a true freshman, you take what you can get. There is still some question as to whether or not the move would even be allowed by the NCAA, but it's great fodder until any news breaks on the story.


Brandon said...


Nick Sheridan wasn't the Wolverines' presumptive starter before he broke his leg. In fact, most Wolverine fans would probably prefer that the program be disbanded before that clown was ever allowed to be behind center for anything other than to take a knee. Steven Threet was the starter before he decided to transfer for the second time in three years and Tate Forcier immediately became the new presumptive starter.

Rodriguez might not be done bringing in fifth-year senior quarterbacks, Tate's older brother Jason is looking at returning to Ann Arbor for his final year and would be the back-up to his younger brother if the transfer goes through.

RV said... it's official.