Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ian McGarvey Out of the Doghouse

When last we heard from young Mr. McGarvey, he of placekicking fame at Ball State University, he was getting tossed off the team in one of Stan Parrish's fist official acts as Cardinal head coach for a DUI citation and subsequent arrest on campus in February.

News filtered out of Muncie quietly and discreetly on Tuesday that McGarvey has been reinstated to the team and will participate in all team activities, trainings, etc. going forward. For McGarvey, his indiscretion netted him a suspension which amounted to around 3 months.

Terms of Ian's punishment, what he had to do, or what hoops he presumably had to jump through are mere speculation, but suffice to say that I'm sure it wasn't pleasant. So Ian McGarvey happy trails on your way out of Stan's dog house and welcome back to the team.

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