Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Introducing the Poll of the Week

OTP wanted to sort of test some things out before the season got rolling as to their viability, usability, and reader response, so new things born will see their infancy over the next month or so. Today's new feature is the Poll of the Week.

If you were in Paris Hilton's home, Poll of the Week would take on a very different meaning, but here at OTP, it's a week long question for readers to vote on, cast their opinion on, etc. without having to wade through posts, other comments, etc. While sort of rudimentary, and somewhat limited, it is a nice way to take the pulse of the readership without too much trouble, effort, or work by either us or them.

This week's question? How many wins for the Cardinals in the fall. Choices range all over the place, and the early voting seems to do the same. Check it out over on the right hand side of your page, and vote away. P Diddy has made no promises you'll die if you don't.

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