Monday, June 22, 2009

A Sad Day for a BSU Alum

Some may remember Brian Collins as a budding journalist, who was seen on NewsCenter 43 on campus at Ball State. The program itself is a great opportunity for those seeking to become journalists the opportunity to get on camera and get their proverbial feet wet reading the prompter, getting a news feed, and listening to a producer in your ear telling you what to cover next or which camera to look at.

For the majority of those anchors, there isn't anything newsworthy or notable about their experiences there, as student news shows aren't much to write home about. But on rare occasions, lightning strikes in a bottle. And when that happens, it will be forever compared to Brian Collins, famous for this:

In reports today, first brought out by Busted Coverage, Collins has apparently been given the old heave-ho from his gig in Waco, TX. Yes, that man above actually parlayed this clip into a career in television news broadcasting. His catch phrase is used on Sportscenter, and random things like the Oscars, when Will Smith referenced it after some technical difficulties. A sad day for Collins, not only because he is now unemployed, but because that clip above just became relevant again. Boom goes the dynamite indeed.

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