Monday, June 22, 2009

OTP Back to Normal...

Like in the old grade school days, eventually the actual teacher had to return to reality and the classroom, and the fun style and change of pace brought about by the substitute went the way of the dodo. Today at OTP marks another moment sort of like that as Edge is relieved of his Yankee hating and management duties here to retreat once again to the Statcave. Big thanks to the resident rocker of OTP for his leadership and witty writing while I ventured back to the Hoosier state for a week of needed R-and-R.

As we begin the backslide out of June, another record setting month for OTP, it's time to transition the site from offseason mode to preseason mode. Shortly you'll be seeing us releasing our preseason Top 25 picks, our predictions for the order of finish for the random conferences, and who we're looking to for success, failure, and everything in between as 2009 begins to get closer. We'll be comparing our picks (Alan, Edge, and RV) to the national pundits and such to prove at the close of the year that they, along with us, don't really have a crystal ball. However, our mythical non-existant fortune predictor is just as accurate as they are.

In the coming weeks you'll see RV setting up a new NCAA Online Dynasty and Edge rocking out even more stat work. The recruit pieces will continue and we're hoping to unveil something exceptionally special over the next couple weeks, but details and that sort of thing is exceptionally secretive until we get the go ahead and the green light. Homer Previews will be back in the fall after we unveil our preseason Top 25, and we're already nearly triple what we had for last year, this year ranging from the Big 10 to an FCS school. It's going to be awesome. If you have suggestions for the coming preseason festivities, or an idea for something, drop us a line. Get ready all... this season, and OTP, are ready to rock.

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Edge said...

Just a quick addition:

I will be at all home games this year and those that RV attends will feature the official OTP Tailgate. BYOA. Bring your own awesome.